Wednesday, May 25, 2011


As a kid growing up in the hot dry west, I never had the experience of seeing a firefly. But I often read about them in books. It seemed to me that they must be nearly magical, the singular ingredient that could turn a fine summer evening into something ineffable.

Tonight on my evening run, the fireflies were out.


  1. that's great! i saw fields full of fireflies growing up in upstate ny... but i'd have to say, it's pretty rare that i see any in the boston area in the years (and years) i've been here. one or two a summer...

  2. Fireflies are very rare! Glad you were able to enjoy them!
    One of the most magical moments of my life was at Lake Bomoseen in Vermont, when K. and I walked from our campsite down to the shore of the lake and found ourselves surrounded by thousands of fireflies lighting up the sky. It felt like we were walking through the milky way. We swung on the playground swings for a while and just took it all in... it's a memory i'll never forget.