Monday, May 9, 2011

Run Tracking

I've always used imapmyrun to my runs, but I'm intrigued about using some of the other iPhone apps out there. Eric uses nike+ gps, but I don't wear Nike shoes so I wouldn't get that benefit. What do you use and why?


  1. nike+ gps doesn't rely on your shoes... it's fully GPS enabled, and the website is very cool. the problem is, it's nike's way or the highway. it is pretty much good, but there ARE some issues. still, it's the most fun run tracking app and site out there.... plus, you can challenge your friends, like me!

    runmeter is the best though. it really is. bar none, nuff said, the best. end of story.

    a lot of people like runkeeper pro. i say.... ehhhhhh....

  2. Just bought Runmeter. If my Achilles soreness goes away, i'll try it out at lunch tomorrow.

  3. I have a Garmin watch . . . review coming soon.