Monday, May 30, 2011

the sad state of red sox short stop

i don't even know what the title means, but it was fun to write.

but, really, i'm kind of baffled by this...  i think joel brought it up (can't remember whether it was an email or a post here)....  but who is the red sox shortstop?  (i think joel was talking more about "since nomar", whereas, i'm kind of thinking of, well, these days...)

drew sutton is playing there today...  opening day, it was marco scutaro.  the regular of late is jed lowrie.

jed lowrie already has 6 errors (just at SS, 7 total).  i don't think anyone sees jed at ss position for his fielding skills...  he's just had a scorching hot beginning of this season at the plate, and a decent run since then...  but what if his bat cools more than it has...  is drew sutton the next in line for this seemingly revolving door of a position for the red sox?

is scutaro done?  strange that he didn't get the nod tonight... is he hurt?

it would be nice to see some consistency at this position...

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  1. From what I understand, the Sox are treading water until Jose Iglesias is ready to take over at SS. While i'm as frustrated as you with the current state of the position, I hear that if Iglesias can learn how to hit major league pitching, he'll be the real deal for years to come.