Thursday, May 19, 2011

Live Sox!

Don't get too jealous, but i'll be at Fenway tonight! Scheduled to pitch are Beckett vs. Verlander. If the rain holds off, it should be a great matchup. Here's hoping that Beckett can continue this streak:
the Red Sox have now had an MLB-leading 11 games this year in which the starting pitcher has not allowed a run.
They had 19 such games last year and 21 in 2009. However, in 41 of the 93 seasons for which searchable data exists (since 1919), the Red Sox did not have even 10 such games. The 1964 Angels set the record with 34 "shutout starts". At their current pace, the 2011 Red Sox would finish with 42.
Live blogging will be contingent upon rain and my sobriety levels.

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  1. looking forward to living vicariously through you. i will be in hypno-birthing class, by comparison.