Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pop Quiz

OK readers, pop quiz time: among major league pitchers who have made at least six starts this season, how many have an ERA over 8.00? The answer will be in the comments section.


  1. Just one: John Lackey.

    See here.

  2. More on Lackey's suckatude:
    In four of Lackey's seven starts this year, he has allowed 6, 8, 9, and 9 runs. His ERA is now 8.01. In 39.1 innings, he has allowed 53 hits and 18 walks (1.8 base runners per inning). He's robbing the Sox blind on paydays. One SoSH wag said Lackey is fulfilling his promise as our #2 pitcher - he's pitching like shit.

  3. A possible excuse? Lackey's wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and he's been quoted as saying that "Everything in my life sucks right now." Yikes.