Saturday, May 21, 2011

It's So Easy to Lose It

A week and a half of no serious runs and too many catered lunches took its toll: I've gained weight and my run today (6.5 miles) was a painful slog. Hard to believe that I ran 8 miles at the same pace I did today with no ill effects! Just goes to show you: you use it or you lose it. Here's hoping I can stick to my training routine next week in Orlando (I'm there for ASTD) and avoid the worst of the buffets. I'm counting on y'all to keep me honest!


  1. A trip to Florida sounds fun! My younger brother lives in the Orlando area and loves it. If you post your intended training schedule, we will do our best to make you feel bad if you miss a run.

  2. I was hoping to run every day, but my Achilles tightened up something fierce yesterday so now im not sure what I'll do. Perhaps avail myself of the pool?
    Where does your brother live? I'm looking for something to do Wednesday night, so if he has any non-touristy suggestions they'd be much appreciated.

  3. on the topic of "losing it" i am very well versed. after 1 year solid of relatively little training and a lackluster year or two before that, getting back into running has been utterly (and literally) painful for me.

    when i started anew, i could barely run 3 miles at a regular pace, and when i would trying to go out for 6, i could barely muster more than walking pace. it took me a while before i could even consistently run on consecutive days.

    now that i am able to run all week, my legs are constantly in pain. i realize i'm still carrying excess weight, which is probably the leading factor in the leg pain (feet, ankles, knees), but LOSING the weight requires running (in addition to dietary changes), so it's a tough cycle to be in.

    i do think, however, that the cumulative fitness will help me once i've dropped the weight and gotten used to the rigors of training.

    i took off the same time you did, after our hike, and i agree... ouch, once returning. but i think it'll take you 1 or 2 more runs and you'll be back to where you were. i don't think you've lost anything in a week's time, your body just needs to "wake up".