Friday, May 20, 2011

Thoughts from Last Night's Game

So AT&T had an epic Fenway Fail last night in that there was NO service to be had anywhere in the park. So in lieu of a live blog, here are a few scattered observations from the game:

- The new HD scoreboards absolutely rock. They’re mesmerizing, and include a larger number of stats than they displayed before, which I appreciated (I’m really starting to get into .OBS)

- The biggest debate of the night was if we could classify what we were experiencing as rain or not. I settled as describing it as sitting in a cloud. The entire game was played in fog and a light mist. Uncomfortable!

- The game felt like two different games: While Beckett was in (he’s been downright filthy this year and, despite his bases loaded situation in the 2nd, continued that trend last night), and when Beckett was out. He left the game after six innings with a “tight neck,” setting the stage for Bard to surrender two solo HRs in the span of four pitches. After those two HRs – which tied the game - the mood turned evil with many people around me calling for Francona's head for putting in Bard. Now, I don’t think that Bard should play every day (he’s WAY too overworked) but I don’t get people that criticize Francona because he does a hell of a job 99% of the time.

- The 9th was ugly as both Papelbon and Al Albuquerque loaded the bases for their teams: the difference was that Paps got out of it and Al didn’t. Al was also responsible for a really strange sequence where Lowrie got a hit (after a 10-pitch at bat!), but the bases were loaded and the runner on 3rd was gunned down at the plate, so the play was scored a "fielders choice 7-2." Weird!

- The "first game" felt like a Bizarro Sox game in that not only did J.D. Drew knock in both of the Sox runs but also was responsible for what felt like 2/3s of the put-outs. He was everywhere, which surprised me because I honestly sometimes forget that he’s even on the team.

- CarlCrawford just looks uncomfortable at the plate. He was swinging at some rediculious breaking balls last night that he just couldn’t lay off of. He did send us home happy, but I don’t think that his troubles are over by a long shot.

- Got to see a Big Papi moon shot. Never gets old!

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