Friday, May 13, 2011

New York Radio Sux

Eric's driving me up to the Adirondacks for a big hiking weekend, and we couldn't get the WEEI feed from so we had to listen to the NYC call for tonight's Sox/Yanks game for a while. Holy crap. Maybe I'm biased, but they sound ignorant. They said Jacoby is a dangerous stealer because he's 11 for 15 but Carl Crawford isn't because he's something like 7 for 11. Statistically equivalent, and also discounting CC's base stealing history. Then they talked about how if the Yanks swept the Sox it wouldn't matter if they lost the next three games. Riveting stuff. Thank god 'eei started coming in by Troy.


  1. I thought you guys were missing the game! Glad to know you're listening while I'm watching. Enjoy the hike. Tomorrow is going to be Beckett vs. Sabathia (evening game on FOX), and Sunday will be Lester vs. Garcia (evening game on ESPN).

  2. We were only able to listen to 4 something innings before our cell reception died completely for the rest of the weekend. While it's always refreshing to be completely offline for a while, both Eric and I were jonesing for our Sox fix. Too bad we missed such a stellar weekend of baseball!