Friday, February 17, 2012

New Shoes

In the mail today: a new pair of the Brooks Launch.   These will be replacing the blue and silver ones that I have been wearing for all of my long runs since the 50k.

I love how smooth and comfortable these feel straight out of the box.  When a shoe is right, its right.

For comparison's sake, I put one of my old ones on one foot, and a new one on the other.  It was striking how worn down the old pair felt, especially as I have only put 300 miles on them.  That's not a lot of miles for a pair of shoes.  But given that I paid only $63 for my new pair (thanks, Running Warehouse!), I can't complain.

I do prefer the blue and silver color scheme, but these black ones were $20 cheaper.  The different colors do share a lot of the same components, such as the silver overlays and the neon green rubber in the soles.  I'm thinking of switching the green laces from my old pair over to the new ones, to pep them up a bit.


UPDATE (2/18): I took the shoes out for their first run today, a 10-miler.  I promptly beat my previous record by a full three minutes, or in other words, by a pace of 18 seconds per mile.  Could it have been due to all the training I've done during the winter?  Or perhaps the beautiful 50 degree weather, or that I was returning the C&O canal towpath, which was just slightly damp today and perfectly packed?  Nah.  It must have been the shoes.

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