Monday, February 13, 2012

Papi is coming back!

i don't think many of us doubted that we'd see David Ortiz in a Red Sox uniform this year, but the question of just how much the two sides would have to go through to get there was certainly at the foreground of this situation.  no one wanted to see Papi and the Red Sox go to arbitration.

i'm happy to see that both sides appear to have reached a deal for the upcoming season.  $14.575 million was right in the middle between the two sides and it would appear that everyone is happy.  according to Papi's agent, Fernando Cuza:
both sides are very happy with the deal and we'll leave it at that. This is a process and once we got together and talked it out it made sense to get a deal done and move on.
the pieces are falling into place, and, while i don't think anyone knows what the big picture is going to look like, i for one am starting to accept it for what it is and get jazzed for the season.

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