Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Running: A Tale of Two Januarys

what a difference a year makes!!

having just wrapped up what is surely the best month of running in my recent running years, i've taken a bit of time to reflect on the past year.  it's no mystery that we run for the love of running here at rrrs, that we get much more out of it than splits, PRs and other simple numbers.  that said, i do take pleasure in improvement, even if only because it allows me to do more of something i love with less negative effect.

so how did the numbers shake out?

January Miles Run
- in 2011: 45.35
- in 2012: 151.64

January Time Running
- in 2011: 7hr:50m:27s
- in 2012: 22hr:11m:11s

what is most important to me is that, contrary to past months where i've tried to push myself and ended up limping or unable to run at all, i've done it right leading into this month.  i've cranked it up gradually, remained healthy and happy, and when i wasn't feeling right, i simply dialed back.  i'm feeling as good as i can remember feeling, both on the run and otherwise, and i'm enjoying the runs more and more.

please forgive this moment of self-indulgence, but i am quite happy with myself!


  1. That's awesome. So glad to hear that you're continuing to feel healthy. I knew that you were rocking this January, but didn't realize you'd have such impressive numbers. For comparison, here's what I was able to do this January:
    - 15 runs
    - Time Running: 16hrs: 17m:51s
    - 119.05 miles
    - 8.13 average pace

    At this rate, you might even be able to beat me come May!

  2. Very, very impressive! Kudos!