Monday, February 13, 2012

Thoughts from a 12.4 Miler

Random pondering from a 12.4 mile run yesterday:

  • The temperature was in the mid-20s with a biting Canadian wind chill in the single-digits to low teens. To combat this, I wore three wicking shirts and a shell. It ended up being a touch too warm in the sun – surprisingly strong for February! – but was just enough when in the shade.
  • My mid-run energy snack was a Gu packet, stored in my handheld. Difficult to eat half-frozen! Eric and Joel recommend the Honey Stinger energy chews - i'll have to check them out.
  • After an initial bad impression, I've been enjoying my Saucony Guide 4s on mid-range runs (6-8 miles). I tried them on this longer run today and was disappointed. When my form breaks down at the end of a long run, like it did for my final two miles today: that's when I truly appreciate the rugged Brooks Adrenaline.
  • At 9.5 miles, I turn west-bound onto Pleasant Street in Ashland. The road concentrated the cold air blowing eastward, and it felt like running repeatedly into a brick wall. A frozen one. My legs were not the same after that.
    It's been a good winter for running with the lack of snow, but the wind yesterday was killer. 
  • Neil Young's Ragged Glory is an awesome running album. And its crown jewel is "F*!#in' up"
  • I had originally planned out a 14 miler, and felt some shame for cutting it short, but today my body is thanking me. It also meant I had something left in the tank to play with my kids afterwards.

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