Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Et tu, Theo?

WEEI, ESPN and many other sources are all reporting that Theo Epstein has agreed to a $15+ million, 5-year deal with the Cubs.  The only open question is, what compensation will the Red Sox will require. 

Todd has suggested that they should require the Cubs to take Lackey.  I love the idea.

I'll say this, Theo loves a challenge.  If he can help the Cubs break their curse, he will be at the top of baseball royalty. 

During his tenure with the Red Sox, he has been great at player scouting and development (Papelbon, Ellsbury, Pedroia), but less so at blockbuster trades and free agent signings (Lackey, Crawford).  Theo's predecessor, Dan Duqette, seemed to be just the opposite, having brought aboard players like Pedro Martinez, Manny Ramirez and Jason Varitek.

In the end both skills are necessary, and much of Theo's success was built upon the trades that Duquette successfully executed.  So, once Theo leaves, should the Red Sox just elevate Ben Cherington, Theo's right-hand man, into the GM position?  Or try to go after someone like the Yankees' Brian Cashman, whose contract is up on October 31?


  1. it seems et tu is appropriate on more than one level, with theo knowing he was going to leave and still hanging tito out... unless it's part of the master plan to bring the epstein-francona combo to chicago.

    i'm pretty sure they'll elevate cherington... and i'm very curious to see who they're considering for manager.

    it's going to take a long while to feel good about any of this...

  2. I'm not ready to talk about this yet.

    ...('cause I can't resist) this morning's Globe article really left a bad taste in my mouth. Who the fuck in the Red Sox front office thought it was a good idea to rip on Tito when he was already gone? What did they think it would accomplish? Did they think that somehow the Boston fans would be happy knowing that Tito's marriage discentrigated to the point where he was living in a hotel, or that his health was so bad he had to have BLOOD drained from his knees FIVE times during the season. Who wouldn't take painkillers after an operation like that? At least Tito had the stones to respond in person, unlike the players who, with the notable exception of Pedroia, all stayed silent, which to me speaks volumes. If you don't stick up for yourself when slandered, when will you get worked up?

    This team worries me. Unless something serious changes, I'm going to have a hard time rooting for the Sox next year. (Of course, i'm not fooling anyone. I'm rooting for laundry, so i'll end up just as obsessed with the Sox next season and I did this season. I'll just feel worse about it.)

  3. According to the latest, Lucchino is making the negotiations with Chicago very, very difficult.

    From one point of view, he's just trying to get as much as he can, for the benefit of the Red Sox.

    From the point of view of an unnamed "source", however, Lucchino is angry at Theo and is trying to make a point, and if necessary, will make Theo sit on the sidelines in Boston for a year while Cherington does the job.