Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Things Bill Simmons Doesn't Want to Talk About

In case you missed it, Bill Simmons has a great piece in Grantland covering Red Sox ownership, Theo, Francona, and all the rest.  He closes with this gem of an admission:
"[I]t's been fun to have the dysfunctional and semi-incompetent Red Sox back in my life — kind of like seeing your extended family at a wedding for the first time in ages and remembering how crazy everyone is. Hey look, there's my nutty uncle who thought the world was going to end because of Y2K and built a bomb shelter! And there's my slutty cousin who agreed to be a surrogate mom, then had the baby and disappeared with it and got arrested! Welcome back, Weird Part of My Life. I hate myself that things feel more normal when the Red Sox are fucked up than when they're not."
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