Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Theo's Farewell

The Boston Globe published an oped from everyone's favorite GM this morning. It's well written and classy and contains a last attempt to stop the media feeding frenzy:
It may not seem this way now, but I am convinced that we will look back at September of 2011 not as some harbinger of the demise of the Red Sox, but as an anomaly in the midst of a decades-long run of success for the franchise. Some good may even come from it. I know the climate is especially hostile right now, and our mistakes are well documented, but I encourage fans not to lose faith in the players or in the organization. Red Sox Nation is a fantastic place, and it’s even better when we take a deep breath and give each other the benefit of the doubt.
These published farewells can be rote and cheesy, but I thought this one struck the right notes.

Thanks for the memories Theo! We'll miss you. Good luck in Chicago!

(Send us Trey McNutt - what a fantastic name! - and we'll remember you even more fondly...)

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