Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One good reason to watch the ALCS

Apparently, Francona is going to take Tim McCarver's spot in the broadcast booth for the first two games.

Given that he rarely spoke too much, it will be interesting to hear what he has to say.


  1. Agreed! He was also on WEEI yesterday. In other Tito news, SI reports that Tito should share some of the blame for the state of the Sox: "The reality, according to that Red Sox player, is that Francona had withdrawn from the team and often inexplicably kept to his office this season. ... Francona maintained his rapport with [Dustin Pedroia] while withdrawing from most others." I think it'll be a while before we can begin to get an honest picture about what happened this year.

  2. One thing that is becoming more and more clear as people put this season under the microscope: it wasn't just some cosmic, one-in-a-million streak of bad luck, nor was it a supernatural curse. There were real, fundamental human problems with the team -- problems so bad that even their prodigious talent couldn't cover it up.

    That being said, the idea that Francona was just hanging out in his office with Pedroia seems laughable.