Friday, October 7, 2011


Nice work from Victor Martinez and the rest of the Tigers last night.  I'm happy to see the them move foward to take on Texas. 

ESPN is reporting that before the Red Sox got Erik Bedard from Seattle, they had talks about acquiring Doug Fister instead.  Fister wasn't exactly a huge name -- he had a 3.33 ERA on the season while with Seattle, and a 4.11 ERA the year before that.  But it seems clear, in retrospect at least, that he had huge potential.  After going to Detroit at the deadline instead, he rounded out the season 8-1 with a 1.79 ERA for Detroit.  And of course, he just finished off the Yankees. 

According to ESPN, the Mariners wanted Kalish, Weiland, and two lesser prospects.  Would it have been worth it? Clearly, Fister knows how to handle pressure.  And since he's a groundball pitcher, his pitching would have fit in well at Fenway.  One never knows how we would have coped with the apparently toxic environment that eventually developed among the Red Sox.  But he probably could have gotten us at least one or two more wins.  Which might have gotten the Sox to the playoffs, and saved Francona's job. 

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  1. Interesting. Of course, keeping Victor and/or Beltre may have helped the Sox this season as well. That's what's so damned frustrating: they only missed the playoffs by one win. One!! Out of 162 games. Urgh.

    Of course, if our pitchers were in shape, that may have helped the cause as well.